The USA Pavilion and the Expo Itself


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4 thoughts on “The USA Pavilion and the Expo Itself

    • I met a girl on a program traveling through China the summer before, and the two of us reached out and applied for the program together. Technically we were too young for it since we were still in high school and it was a 3-month college level job, but we were able to go as summer “interns”, just the two of us. We were very lucky!!


      • That’s amazing! So was it provided directly through the people running the USA’s pavilion? Or was the program sponsored through some organization based in China specifically?

        I ask because I’d love to assist in a future World Expo and I’ve been looking for opportunities ever since the one in Shanghai that I wanted to go to so badly but I never see anything online about it.


      • We were hired through the actualUSA Pavilion but like I said, we didn’t go through the official application process. hmm, yea, I’m not sure what trying to get hired would be like for future expos, but it’s such a fun experience, it would be great to try and work at one!!


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