Quirks of the Chinese People


This post can now be found at: http://travelingbird.co/2010/08/quirks-of-the-chinese-people/


2 thoughts on “Quirks of the Chinese People

  1. I’ve never been to China and your story give me so many things about it which I really have no idea about before. That cucumber-eaters is so new for me. The people of my place usually use cucumber to cook not as snack.

    “It’s always interesting when you go to a different country and see natives acting in a way that is shocking to you and completely natural to them.” –> yes, indeed, I wonder if I saw that kind of things myself what would I do.

    BTW thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me those wonderful tips 🙂

    What did you do back there in China while seeing people do things the people of your country normally don’t do?


    • Yeah, it’s always funny seeing a country’s differences, but I’ve never encountered any problems with that. Usually, the differences are so minor and random, we just get a good laugh out of the situation. It’s always fun to people-watch and notice what goes on around you.


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