Quick Bout in the Roman Airport

This post can now be found at: http://travelingbird.co/2011/07/roman-airport/


9 thoughts on “Quick Bout in the Roman Airport

  1. Oh the hardships of a dodecalingual. What, pray tell, will you be doing in Nairobi? Or maybe I should just wait for the blog posts about it.


    • Well, it wouldn’t be much fun if you already knew what I was going to do! I put up a basic itinerary on my Africa page, but you’ll have to wait for more than that! 🙂

      And as much as I wish that knowing “please” and “thank you” would allow me to claim fluency in a language, I think the man at the drink counter would disagree. So unfortunately, I might not be able to claim the title of dodecalingual….yet.


  2. Your Africa page is all past tense. But your te calde post says on to Nairobi. Are you a time traveller? Or maybe I am! Woah. Or I suppose you could have written during the trip and are just now posting them. Like DVR. Which is almost time travel.


    • Uh oh, you caught me. There is the slightest possibility that I wrote those posts while stuck in the airport (without internet) and am now finally getting to posting them. Or I don’t believe in using different grammatical tenses. Like Chinese.


  3. Your priorities are definitely in the right order if you had gelato for breakfast.
    Ice cream or yogurt tops eating nourishing food any day in my book.

    LOve you,


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