Going to School in Rwanda

This post can now be found at: http://travelingbird.co/2012/01/going-to-school-in-rwanda/


12 thoughts on “Going to School in Rwanda

  1. Caroline , I liked the views of the campus and telling about the girls’ schedule..
    those girls are incredibly committed
    OH Web Masteress (female version) you are the best !!! The next time I talk to bill I will tell him you may be job hunting in a couple of years.

    Love you ,


  2. 1. The photos are absolutely amazing!
    2. I will never complain about my classes again! Those hours are crazy, but it is so wonderful to see such dedication to learning and self improvement! Tell those girls that I said, “keep up the fantastic work!”

    Im really glad I came to your blog! I truly am very excited to read through your past posts and I eagerly await a new one! Keep them coming!

    Best luck & wishes~!


      • Whoops, sorry about that Kayleigh! I found Rwanda to be a very safe place! Everyone is so friendly and helpful and I never felt in danger. It’s also absolutely beautiful.

        Yea, so my older sister started the Akilah Institute, which is based in Kigali, Rwanda. They do take interns sometimes and never for programming, so no worries there! I just helped with the website since I had that skill, but typically they like having people who will help out in the classrooms, do marketing, spread the word for recruiting new students, etc. They don’t do any structured internships, so it’s on a “you reach out to them and if they currently need some help” type basis. Definitely check out the website and send them an email if you’re interested in going down!!


      • No worries! My fiancé and I have been looking into seeing a bit of Africa so I wanted to use some of the wordpress community resources. What is the specific website? Thanks very much!


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