Muraho from Kigali, Rwanda!

All my Africa adventures so far have taken place in Rwanda, where my older sister Elizabeth runs a non-profit college for women called the Akilah Institute.

June 2012:

Elizabeth’s wedding in Kigali.

January 2012:

Tampa -> Miami -> Newark -> Brussels -> Kigali, Rwanda

Used two weeks of my winter break to go down and help out with Web & IT at the Akilah Institute.

Kigali -> Brussels -> Newark -> Boston (straight back to school :/  )

Summer 2011: 

Boston -> Rome -> Nairobi -> Kigali, Rwanda.

Day 1.  Monday. Public Speaking @ Akilah Institute. Trip to Bugasera district to visit the new campus. Rwandan Genocide museum.

Day 2. Tuesday.  Branding Lesson @ Akilah Institute. Drove north to volcanoes and Rurengeri, stayed at Gorilla Nest Lodge.

Day 3. Wednesday. Morning hike to see gorillas, drove to Lake Kivu, Gisenyi.

Day 4. Thursday. Swam across Lake Kivu to island. Drove back to Kigali.

Day 5. Friday. Arts & Crafts @ Akilah Institute. Visited the crafts village.

Day 6. Saturday. Rugby tournament, Food Market,   BBQ.

Day 7. Sunday. More crafts village exploration. Flew back to the states.

 Kigali -> Nairobi -> Rome -> Boston

short trip, but action packed. Being the procrastinator that I am, most of this trip was not blogged about. Maybe one day?

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  1. This inaction by the UN directly led to the Rwandan genocide of 1994 that killed at least 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus.


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