你好 from all over China!

A quick summary– I spent all four summers of high school in China:

  • My 1st year, I studied in Beijing and Chengdu through the Landon School and lived with host families. I also traveled to Tibet.
  • My 2nd year, I traveled with Choate Rosemary Hall and studied at a Beijing Yinyue Xueyuan in Beijing as well as Fudan in Shanghai.
  • My 3rd year, I did a Rustic Pathways trip to Dali, a smaller city in the southwest of China, where I studied at Dali University, and then did community service in the rural village of Shaxi.
  • My 4th year, I worked as a student ambassador at the USA Pavilion during the World Expo in Shanghai.

I’ve been all over China – Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Xian, Chengdu, Dali, Kunming, Hong Kong, Dali, Tibet, and more- and have had some great experiences!

For the first two trips, I kept a journal of my travels, and for my 3rd trip, I even wrote it in Chinese. But those stories never got shared with family and friends, so on my 4th trip, I kept this blog instead! And now it has grown to document all my travel stories!

So here are my posts from my 4th trip to China, working at the World Expo as a Student Ambassador. Enjoy!


or more specifically…


On the Great Wall


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