Hello from Cambridge, Massachusetts!


In 2014, I graduated Cum Laude from Harvard College, where I lived in Quincy House, majored in Economics, and minored in Computer Science. I also received a foreign language citation, which means you studied the language at an advanced level for at least 2 years, in Mandarin Chinese.

I  loved my time at Harvard and am so grateful for the amazing classes I took, the impressive and motivated people I met, and the incomparable resources Harvard provided for pursuing any and all interests.

The majority of my time at Harvard was spent pursuing business and entrepreneurial interests (and having plenty of fun!).

Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior year, I worked at Harvard Student Agencies, the world’s largest student-run corporation, which places students in management positions to gain hands-on business experience. I worked first as an account manager in the Marketing agency, meeting with local and national companies and helping them reach Harvard students.


Snuck myself in on the front page of the Marketing site

The next year, I became the Managing Director of  The Harvard Shop, which has a web presence and three brick-and-mortar stores in Harvard Square. I oversaw a team of 7 managers and over 100 hourly employees.


Some of The Harvard Shop team

I had the opportunity to design products to sell and definitely took advantage of my position to use my friends and myself as models for marketing.



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