My Bucket List

Below is my ever-growing list of life goals and bucket list items. It’s a full range of categories. Feel free to suggest more!


  • Language Oriented

    • Finish Harry Potter in Chinese
    • Read Wall Street Journal in Mandarin
    • Learn basic phrases in  ~22 (how old I am) languages
      • Hello, Goodbye, Thank you, you’re welcome, please
      • Add a new language, or phrase, each year
      • French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, HungarianTurkish, Russian,  Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Kinyarwanda, Swahili
    • conduct a business meeting in a different language
  • Knowledge

    • Be able to label all the countries of the world
    • Learn all the country capitals
  • Skill

    • Master Rhapsody in Blue on the piano
    • Become ambidextrous
    • Learn to drive manual
    • Get scuba certified
    • Learn to sail
    • Get boater’s license
  • Physical

    • Do a split, both sides
    • Run a 5K
    • Run a half-marathon
    • Run a marathon
    • Do a triathlon
    • Unsupported hand stand
    • Run a mile under 7 minutes
    • Compete in a croquet tournmanent
    • Take at least 2 self defense courses
    • Be the hare for a hash run
    • Do 5 pull-ups
  • Business

    • Write a book
    • Invent a board game
    • Sell something on Etsy
    • Own a piece of property
    • Rent a piece of property
    • Do a profitable currency trade
    • Have an article published
  • Personal

    • Dye my hair a different color
    • Start a blog
    • Move to a foreign country after graduation
    • Become trilingual
    • Go on a blind date

8 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Hi Caroline,
    Wow, what a wonderful list. You should add Bahasa Indonesia on your language to learn list because it not that hard to learn :).
    I like that you are following my blog, i’m looking forward to your post as well, especially backpacking in Europe :D.


      • Hi Caroline, when will you be at Hong Kong? because i’m thinking about travelling to HK, maybe around early June this year. I’m not sure enough.

        There are plenty of phrase,
        Apa kabar? (how do you do?)
        Selamat pagi, siang, malam (good morning, noon, afternoon)
        Terima kasih (thank you)

        Phrase for what occasion do you want to know? 😀 😀


      • I’m moving to Hong Kong in August and then I don’t know when I will leave! Hmm, too bad, I won’t be there in June to show you around! Will you be traveling just for fun?

        Oh, those are great phrases to learn, thank you! Terima kasih! It doesn’t seem to hard to learn 🙂


      • Yes, to have some fun, with my little nephew 🙂

        Sama – sama (you are welcome, informal for formal term just use ‘terimakasih kembali’ :))

        no, it would be so much easier because in basic conversation we don’t have grammar :), just structure.


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